Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St Patrick's Day

Happy St Patrick's Day!

I'm not Irish, and neither are most of the people who will no doubt be wishing you a Happy St Patrick's Day today but my Wife is so I don't mind hearing it so much these days.

I've never understood the obsession with St Patrick's Day in the US, although it actually started in the US so I suppose the Irish took the idea and to ran with it. They don't need asking twice when there's a drink involved!

I always buy my Wife a little something for St Patrick's Day. Something to remind her of home, although this usually involves something Guinness related and some four leaf clovers but it's the thought that counts.

My Wife doesn't get away scot free though. In return, she has to at least try and remember when Saint George's Day is and if she makes the extra effort to cook some roast beef with Yorkshire puddings, all the better.

Whenever I mention St George's Day to anyone they give me a blank look and ask who St George is. It's not really important but I'm just trying to make a point that if they're not Irish, or of Irish descent, why they celebrate St Patrick's Day? I'm all for a trip to the pub but I don;t need to wear something green and say "Top o'the morning" to everyone I meet.

Anyway, mine's a pint so it is. To be sure.

P.s. Saint George's Day is April 23rd.

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