Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fairweather Johnson

Last Sunday in Houston the weather was glorious. It was the perfect weather to spend outside.

You can always say that about Houston. In a few weeks the humidity will likely be unbearable to make sure we stay inside until October!

Having grown up in England, I don't mind the humidity so much. Obviously I'm not too keen to get in my car at the end of the day when it is like an oven but I love the hot weather. You pretty know where you are between April and October. You can make plans without giving the weather a second thought (not forgetting those pesky hurricanes obviously).

I actually like leaving work and the weather is still nice enough to do something in the evening, go for a walk, sit outside with a beer, whatever. Back home it would likely be cloudy and raining so you just want to get home and watch Coronation street!

People who grew up in Texas hate the summer. They crave cooler weather or different 'seasons' as the rest of the world knows them but I like it. I've lived through too many cold winters without heating to want more than a few days of cold.

I think if I had grown up in Texas I would be a more out-doorsy person, but I'm trying. I've spent this afternoon in the garden replacing part of our fence and we currently have a couple of steaks on the grill.

We've done a lot of work in our back garden, with lots of new plants so we really should make better use of it and spend more time out there. I think a big part of the reason we don't is because of my Englishness. I'm not used to being able to sit outside so most of the time I don't think of it but we should be proud of our home and make use of the nice weather. I'm definitely getting better with the grill anyway!

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