Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dangerous Driving

My Wife was born in Dublin, Ireland and occasionally she gets a little homesick so I thought this story from her homeland might help.

Police in Ireland were baffled how the country's worst driver, Prawo Jazdy had managed to evade arrest after so may offences. Mr Jazdy had racked up a large number of motoring offences but managed to avoid detection by giving police a different address each time.

Luckily, one police officer decided to do a little digging and found over 50 different addresses recorded for Prawo Jazdy when he stopped him for motoring offences. On further inspection, it turned out that Prawo Jazdy is in fact Polish for Driving Licence. Officers had wrongly been recording Prawo Jazdy as the offenders name.

A memo was issued throughout the police force in an attempt to avoid the same mistake from happening. Poles are Irelands second largest immigrant group behind Romanians so I'm sure there is plenty of opportunity for a repeat!

I heard so many Irish jokes as a kid but I don't get much chance to air them these days so thanks to the BBC for bringing this story to the world.

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  1. Haha....HILARIOUS!!!!!

    Anyone could have made that mistake.. :)