Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Genius is blind

How come that blind lad on American Idol always knows exactly where the camera is?

I've just been watching him on last week's show and there he is, sat clicking his fingers following the camera as it pans around him. At one point he even follows one of the girls as she walks across the stage.

Later in the show all became clear. He was sat down next to a blonde bird who was helping him get back to his seat after he'd been told to stand up. It's all a clever ruse to get some young lady to manhandle him. I'm on to you curly, and you're smiley mate with the big teeth who comes on occasionally when there are no young female vounteers.

To be fair, it was funny when he gave Ryan Seacrest a hi-5 after the latters previous attempt during the auditions. If you missed it, the blind guy came out of the audition room with a ticket to Hollywood only to obliviously leave Seacrest hanging (because he's, er, blind Ryan).

The blind guys inclusion does worry me a bit though. American Idol seems to be leaning more towards people with a back story, like the guy in the glasses who seems to be the happiest guy in the world whenever he's not talking about his wife who passed away.

The show should be about talent so I hope that isn't the way they go. Otherwise you'll end up with the ones who've missed out hoping that a close relative meets an unfortunate end so they might get re-instated as a wildcard.

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