Monday, March 9, 2009

Dedicated follower of fashion

Yesterday, driving back from the garden centre we saw a guy with bleached blonde hair, driving a BMW convertible. He had a Wales flag on the back of the car, next to an Obama sticker. Oh, and he was wearing a Chelsea shirt.

What is wrong with this picture? In a word; Everything.

Is this a living breathing example of a brain dead sheep. Someone who does what he's told is the fashionable thing to do rather than thinking for himself.

Ok, maybe I'm being a little bit too hard on the fella, especially with the Welsh flag. No one would even suggest you pretend to be Welsh unless you really were born there so I'll let that slide.

As for the BMW. They're nice cars, but they're an obvious choice for someone who wants to drive something that will make people think he has taste. It wasn't a new BMW, in fact it was quite an old model so this would seem to enhance the perception that he didn't choose the car for other, more normal reasons.

Convertibles always seem a bit 'mid-life crisis' to me. He wasn't a young bloke, probably late 30's-40's so maybe he's just hit his a few years earlier than most.

This would also link in with the bleached blonde hair. All the kids are doing it aren't they? Yeah mate, maybe in 1995.

I'm not going to get into a political debate about the pros and cons of Barack Obama but there's no doubting that he was the media's pick for President. By that I mean he was a perfect candidate for the media looking for a story. This leads me to think that our friend was sporting his Obama/Biden sticker to show how in touch he is with current events.

Now last, but certainly not least is the Chelsea shirt. Maybe I could let all of the other things go if they weren't topped off by that blue shrine to the Russians of West London.

The Welsh flag would suggest that he wasn't born in the Chelsea area and when combined with the hair, and the convertible, and the Obama sticker it just screams New Chelsea.

New Chelsea has nothing to do with Chelsea Football Club, the rather irritating, small, one time champions of England (in 1955). New Chelsea is new money. Everything that is bad in the game today and since they bought two consecutive league titles in 2005 and 2006, they've attracted a different type of supporter. For example the young girl in the Far East who luv them long time, and our friend in the BMW.

I hope someone has a word with this guy friend and points out the errors of his ways and maybe makes him realise that he's giving BMW drivers, convertible drivers, fake blondes, the Welsh, Democrats and real Chelsea fans a bad name by mincing down FM529, boiling in a melting pot of all of the above.

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  1. Ha Ha..PMSL (not please mail something later...the other meaning (: )
    You crack me up!