Monday, June 22, 2009

Return of the onion bag?

The English Premier League have cancelled their contract with Setanta for next season and are opening up an auction for other companies to bid for the games Setanta would've shown.

The collapse of Setanta is bad news for me for a couple of reasons. The first is there is a chance that there will be less English football shown in the US.

It may also see the end of Special 1 TV. Hopefully someone will pick up this show as it is much more entertaining during half time than the usual former players spouting cliches. My Wife will be very upset if there is no more Special 1 TV.

Losing Setanta will save us $15 a month but at what cost?

The most worrying thing about this situation is that ESPN are one of the companies bidding for the available games.

ESPN have never broadcast English Premier League games in the US but this may change now that they have lost the rights to the UEFA Champions League.

And if ESPN have some more football to show, it will likely mean the return of the horrible Tommy 'onion bag' Smyth (with a why???).

So me plea to ESPN, should they win the rights to the games, please treat them with the respect they deserve and create a new football channel for the English Premier League. You can even call it 'soccer' if you want but please please please do not give Tommy Smyth another contract.

I'm sure I would not be the only person willing to give you the $15 a month we're saving on Setanta just to keep this idiot off our screens.

So I repeat my plea from last month to Mr ESPN: No more onion bags!

Also, look here. I'm not the only one.

The bidding for Setanta's games ends today so we will find out soon.

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  1. Please Dear God, NO. The idea of every Saturday and Sunday with Tommy "shit head" Smyth makes me cringe and my ears bleed. That is frightening enough, just the thought to make you want to kill yourself. NO MORE ONION BAGS!!!!!