Sunday, March 7, 2010

How does your garden grow?

We've had some interest in the house but no offers so far so today I decided I would do some work on the front garden while my wife was working at the rodeo.

The recent freeze killed pretty much everything we'd planted in the front so it was time to start again and add some colour to give the house a bit more curb appeal.

We actually picked up some plants yesterday but when we got home from the garden centre and I was unloading the car, I noticed that the soil my wife ordered and had supervised the loading into the car while I was juggling all the plants we'd just bought, was actually mulch. All five bags of it.

So this morning at 8am I was back at the garden centre to pick up some top soil. I actually needed the mulch anyway so it wasn't a total waste.

So I spent all morning and some of the afternoon digging out the things we'd planted this time last year, added more soil, planted everything and added the mulch.

It wasn't too hot today so it was good gardening weather but I think next time I'll bring in my good friend Manuel to help. You know, Manuel Labour, the Mexican handyman who can handle any job you can't be bothered doing yourself.

Plenty of people have been driving by and taking a leaflet with the info for the house so there is interest. I actually caught a little Mexican girl looking in the window today. Her parents were sat in the car and probably asked her to get a leaflet and as I had all the windows open to give the house an airing she probably thought she'd look in.

Some people eh?

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