Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The results aren't in...yet

We had a doctor's appointment on Monday and everything went ok.

The baby was a bit more co-operative this time and let us hear it's heartbeat.

We went to get the results of the blood tests they did last week but the results aren't in yet. The lab are backed up so we should hear something in the next few days.

They said they'd phone us when the results are in so we don't have to go back in.

It was a good chance to talk to the doctor again though and ask questions. Dr Hold seems really nice and will put us at ease when the baby is ready to make an entrance. The thing I like about him is he makes eye contact with me and knows that I need to know stuff and have questions of my own.

Once he confirms the baby is ok at the beginning of the appointment, my wife probably switches off and starts thinking about how we're (I'm) going to decorate the nursery etc. Dr Hold realises this and tells me everything so I can fill her in later when she tries to tell friends and family what the doctor said.

Our next appointment is in three weeks when they will be able to determine the sex, although we don't plan on finding out.

By that point we'll also be half way though. Time flies eh?

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