Monday, December 14, 2009

You see, what had happened was...

The other day I called AT&T.

The problem was that I had my mobile phone, my wife's mobile phone, plus our home phone on three separate accounts. It's been like that for a while so it was probably time I sorted it and saved myself some money.

I was on the phone for 54 minutes and by the end of that, all of our accounts had been merged into one, and I'd signed up for AT&T U-verse.

All combined, it will save us around $70 a month so you can't complain.

AT&T U-Verse also means you can record four shows at once on the same DVR, plus you can watch the shows you've recorded on any TV that has the regular receiver.

You can even pause a TV show in one room, and carry on watching in another.

I checked they had all the channels we need, Setanta & Fox Soccer Channel for me, daft reality channels that show babies and dwarfs for my wife (sometimes even dwarf babies).

Any way, it's my day off today and the guy from AT&T just called so he'll be here in about 20 minutes.

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