Sunday, October 4, 2009

You're making me nervous

Last week, we attended a funeral.

Funerals are never nice but my wife was asked to do a reading during the service.

My wife is much better at that kind of thing than me and always impresses me when she's talking to a large group of people.

I remember when my Grandad died and someone decided to tell the Priest that my brother and I would read something.

I only found this out when we arrived at the church and that was it, it ruined the rest of the day for me.

Ok, so we're still allowed to joke where death is concerned but my wife made me very proud.

She was worried that she'd break down and be unable to get the words out. She even asked me if I'd go up and help her if that happened.

Knowing that she was nervous made me even more nervous than she was. I spent the whole time up to that point worrying about her reading, even though it was my job to reassure her that she would be ok. I knew she would be but it doesn't stop you worrying.

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