Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Snow Patrol: Update

Snow Patrol were excellent last night.

I was pleased they did a lot of songs from their last album and just three or four from their latest (less successful) album.

It was a smaller venue this time with around 1500 people tightly packed into the Warehouse Live! in downtown Houston.

Support band The Plain White T's were ok. They started off with a few decent songs but then got a bit boring. Plus the lead singer talked too much.

Maybe I'm old fashioned in my belief that at gigs this size, the support band should come on, sing 5 or 6 songs, let the crowd know the name of your band if you must and get off. We're not there to see you, or hear how funny you are. Keep us entertained for half an hour while we wait for a band we actually like to come on stage.

We do not care that you're about to go into the studio to work on a new album that you're dedicating to the good people of Houston.

The only wrong move Snow Patrol made on the night was when the lead singer suddenly thought he was in Austin. This was despite correctly saying Houston approximately 64 times before.

I think he was more upset than anyone and spent a good amount of time apologising and saying how much of an idiot he felt. At least it lead in nicely to the next song "Make this go on forever" which is all about begging forgiveness from a (perhaps ex) partner.

If the band are playing in your town, I would recommend catching them live.

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