Monday, September 14, 2009

R.I.P. Ike the fish

Last year, when I moved into an office at work, my wife bought me a plant, and a fish.

The plant didn't last very long. I put this down to the lack of windows so it wasn't getting any light.

The fish however seemed to prosper. Well, maybe not prosper but at least he didn't die in the first few weeks.

The fish didn't really have a name, until about a month after he moved in, Hurricane Ike happened.

The office was closed for a week and there was no air conditioning during that time so when I returned to work I expected to find a dead fish.

When he was discovered alive I decided to call him Ike.

Ike survived many long weekends and holidays without food and air conditioning but when I moved to a new office in August this year, I decided I would bring Ike home.

Unfortunately, yesterday, on the first anniversary of Hurricane Ike, Ike the fish was found dead.

Admittedly he wasn't looking too well on Saturday but he was a strong fella so I gave him some food and left him to it.

Ike was my loyal companion for 13 months, my longest fish relationship to date and we had some good times, so this is not a time to be sad but a time to celebrate a life well lived.

He certainly was a (Siamese) fighter. There was none beta.

R.I.P. My good friend.

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