Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Got to love those cheap flights!

As you know, my Wife and I are returning home for a flying visit for our first Wedding Anniversary.

As our families are scattered all over the place, we found ourselves having to fit in four different cities, in three different countries, in twelve days.

Luckily those three countries are all fairly close (England, Ireland & Scotland) and most cities can be easily accessed by train.

We also just booked flights from Manchester to Dublin, and then Dublin to Edinburgh.

Ryanair are running a special offer with flights from £5 one way so we snapped their hand off! Ryanair have unreserved seating so we paid an extra £3 per person for priority boarding but you still can't complain with that.

We booked a return flight to Edinburgh with the same deal, although as Dublin was the departing city the rate was actually 5 Euros so with the exchange rate, it worked out even cheaper than £5!

When I lived in England there were some good deals and I went to a few different cities for the weekend with friends. It's a shame there a no US airlines offering similar deals. We'd probably do a lot more travelling if we could fly to New Orleans, or even Las Vegas for $10!

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