Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ireland's Most Romantic Man

This is a cheeky one Mum if you're reading..

Do you ever read a news headline that grabs your attention and you find you just have to read the story and get more information? Even if the headline is about a story you would normally have no interest in reading?

I found myself in that situation today. I was reading a football website as I usually do at lunch time and their section "Mediawatch" which is a humourous look at the world of the media and their coverage of the beautiful game. The last part of this section is usually reserved for a non-football story of the day.

Here's the first paragraph of the story. See if you find yourself having to read on to get the full story:

"A NORTH Clare resident who admitted to masturbating while following young women around Galway City may be stripped of his crown as Ireland’s Most Romantic Man."

Now, this may seem a harsh punishment to some. I've known a few Irish girls over the years and I would guess their idea of romance is slightly different to a lot of other women, especially after a few drinks, so let's not jump the gun here.

Obviously my beautiful, wonderful Wife, who is also an amazing cook might I add, is not classed in the same category as the Irish girls I knew back home.

The Clare People brings us the full story if you're interested.

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