Sunday, May 24, 2009

Final Day Drama

It was the final day of the English Premier League season today.

I always look forward to the final day as all games start at the same time to ensure there is no funny business and this only adds to the drama.

The TV companies keep you updated with all of the scores and show how each goal affects the final table with the various teams being safe from relegation one minute and then all of a sudden sucked back into danger.

With West Brom already relegated it left two more places left to be decided with four teams still in danger of the drop. Middlesbrough are a nothing team who are pretty much just a minor irritation twice a season. Sunderland looked the least likely to go down and I wasn't that bothered either way really.

Hull City and Newcastle were the other two in danger. Hull only came up last season so I was hoping they'd stay up, mainly because it can get pretty boring when the teams that get promoted to the Premier League go straight back down. Manchester United stood in the way of Hull today and there were rumours of a weakened United side ahead of Wednesday's Champions League final but the result worked out just as I'd hoped. United played a lot of youngsters with only Darren Fletcher, who is suspended for the final, appearing regularly for the first team. Just to make sure that the relegated clubs could have no complaints, United's "3rd team" came away with a victory while results elsewhere meant Hull survived.

Newcastle are a big club with a lot of big name players who just haven't performed. Although I despise Alan Shearer, I actually prefer to see the bigger clubs in the Premier League.

In the end, all four teams were beaten which meant Middlesbrough and Newcastle were relegated.

As the title of this post suggests, there was lots of drama today, only it wasn't in the football as I'd expected.

We've had our eyes on an old rustic style beer cooler for the back garden for a while now and went to a couple of places yesterday to try and find one but to no avail. This morning we decided we'd try another store and with one eye on the clock, I decided we'd have enough time to make it there and back in time for the big kick off.

An impromptu big shop delayed us slightly but we missed only part of the first half of the games and with the magic of the DVR we were caught up by half time.

Looking forward to a frenetic second half in all of the games, this is when the drama started. My Wife noticed that something wasn't quite right with Busby's stomach. It actually appeared to be drooping on one side, almost as if he has suddenly lost a lot of weight and had too much skin.

A quick google search failed to put her mind at rest as she dissected all of the worst case scenario's convincing herself, and me that this was something serious.

To save ourselves from a possible lifetime of regrets, we decided a trip to the animal emergency clinic was in order. Luckily, there was one not too far from the house but we were advised there was a 2-3 hour wait. While we were waiting my Wife also noticed a lump just above his hind left leg.

When we finally did see the vet, he knew right away what it was. He said that it was likely that Busby had been bitten by something, or maybe stung by a bee and this has caused an edema. Basically, gravity had pulled the infected area away from the body, making it appear to be drooping, which is the only way we knew something was wrong.

They shaved his newly groomed fur to find the puncture wound and luckily it was just a bee sting. Busby had a couple of shots of pain killers and currently wouldn't look out of place in a Cheech & Chong movie or The Pineapple Express.

He should be ok in a couple of days and his stomach should return to it's normal state soon.

To his credit, Busby was really well behaved throughout his ordeal. In fact you wouldn't have guessed there was anything wrong with him if he wasn't dragging his little belly along the floor when he walked.

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