Monday, April 20, 2009

Is it just me or U2?

U2 are coming to Houston and tickets went on sale this morning.

I was reading in Rolling Stone a couple of months ago how live concert ticket sales were suffering with the economy the way it is so bands were reducing ticket prices to their shows.

As my Wife is the biggest U2 fan outside of Bono I thought it my husbandary duty to try and get some. Luckily enough I was successful, but a little perturbed by the price. $252 each! When you add all of the fees on top, the booking fee, handling fee, etc it came to $270 per ticket! There was even a 'convenience fee'.

Now correct me if I'm wrong but having to actually get myself to Reliant Stadium, find parking, fight my way through the crowds, strain myself trying to see the stage and spending most of the night wishing Bono would shut up about Africa and just bloody sing, the first thing I thought was not how convenient Ticketmaster had made my experience! Maybe if U2 turned up in my living room and did requests then I wouldn't mind so much paying a convenience fee.

Speaking of Africa, maybe Bono has realised that solving all of their problems single handed is not working as well as he'd liked he's now decided to fleece the rest of us to make us all as skint as them!

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