Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lazy Days - All things in moderation

I've just got out of bed.

Nothing unusual there except it's 4pm. I didn't stay in bed all day but it's been one of those nice days where we didn't have to do anything or be any where so after watching a football game at lunch time (soccer for the uninitiated), feeling tired I went for an afternoon power nap.

I know last time I was talking about saying yes more and being more active but after a couple of busy weekends we deserve a quiet one for a change eh? And just so you're not too worried about our new resolution going out the window before January is through, we did go out last night for a family birthday.

If we'd had a couple of consecutive weekends where we hadn't really done much then I wouldn't have taken a nap mid-afternoon, but as it's something I possibly won't be able to repeat for a while I feel all the better for it.

I suppose when you limit yourself to something, you end up enjoying it a lot more. I think that is one of the reasons I enjoy things like Christmas a lot more these days. Obviously when I was a kid my parents made every Christmas amazing and we all have great memories, but for the intervening years, when I was living alone, thousands of miles from my parents, certain holidays took on less significance. Mainly because whenever I wanted something, I'd just go and buy it myself so there was little to look forward to. Friends had their own families so there wasn't really much going on socially either.

Now that I'm married, I see things the way my parents must have seen all those Christmas's while we were growing up. The greater joy is through making it memorable for loved ones. Also, the added responsibility of having a Wife is that there are a lot more things we need to buy for our homelife so there's less opportunity to just go out and spend money on every little whim.

Also, your priorities change. I don't want to go to the pub every night and the football every weekend with friends. I get to see my team play on the tv every week but my favourite activity in the world now is shutting out the outside world and staying in with my Wife and watching some TV or a movie. That's exactly what we're planning to do tonight and I'm really looking forward to it because for the last three nights we've been so busy that we've pretty much just seen each other to kiss goodnight.

Anyway, I'm hoping my little power nap this afternoon means that I'm able to stay awake until the end of the movie!

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  1. It's funny how we grow into our own, so to speak as the years go by.
    And with each year and each holiday or event, I find myself creating my own traditions so that I too can pass these along if I ever have a family of my own.
    You are blessed with a lot to have the life that destiny has provided for you.
    Very blessed indeed