Friday, July 2, 2010

Just like your Father

We had the latest scan yesterday.

We're about 5 weeks until the due date now and we'll have weekly doctors appointments from now on.

Our appointment was early morning so the office was pretty quiet. The ultrasound technician was able to spend more time with us which is a good thing because thew baby was not being co-operative at all.

The technician (nurse?) did all of the measurements and then started prodding and poking trying to wake the baby up so we could see her properly.

We gog to see the baby's heart beating on the screen and the blood flowing around her body.

She eventually woke up and gave us a couple of minutes to watch her blinking and pursing her lips, then she yawned and rolled bazck over and that was that. It was at this point my wife stated that the baby takes after her father.

I'm not sure what she meant by that obviously but what we do know is that neither of us can wait to finally meet her!

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