Friday, May 14, 2010

Up all night

Our first night in the new house was a short one, or a long one depending on your point of view.

All of our things were delivered this morning so we decided we would move right in.

Directv were coming between 4-8pm to install the TV and we'd be set.

The guy arrived a little before 7.30pm and got to work.

He was in and out of the house, in the garage, in the loft, in the bedroom, outside, every where.

At 10pm we were getting tired and wanted to go to bed so we went to ask him how much longer he'd be.

He said he was having trouble because the house was not wired for a DVR so he needed to put all new wires in but he said it would be about another hour.

We'd waited long enough so we let him carry on instead of asking him to come back in the morning.

Any way....At 1.50am he was finally done!

I was up again at 6am for work so we didn't get much sleep but at least it's all done now.

A weekend of unpacking awaits!

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