Thursday, February 26, 2009

Black and White

After yesterday's successful attempt at posting photo's for the first time I thought I'd try another.

These are my Wife's dogs Boomer & Busby:

Ok, so they're my dogs too. I never had a dog before I met my Wife so in some ways I'm still getting used to it.

Boomer, (on the left of the picture) is 5 years old. My Wife had him before we met so he was part of the package. He's a good natured dog so it was easy getting used to him.

They really are as different as black and white. Boomer will lick you to death and if he's known you five seconds, he's known you all his life.
Busby on the other hand..
Busby just turned one in January. He's very energetic and enthusiastic about everything. He runs every where he goes as fast as he can. Because our house is mainly tile, sometimes he can't stop himself before he slides into the wall. We'll hear his collar jingling about then a sudden thump! But he tends to shake it off and carries on running about.

I think it was a culture shock for Boomer when we brought Busby home. Boomer had been used to being an only child (personally I hate it when people refer to their dogs as children but I'll let it slide for now). He was used to having everything his own way, including his own food bowl and toys.

Busby loves to share. Well, maybe share isn't the right word but he likes to copy what Boomer does and follows him around the house.

Sometimes they get along:

But sometimes Busby's invitation to play makes Boomer go:

Actually, I think Boomer is probably yawning in that picture but usually he just wants a quite life and will curl up on something soft and sleep until it's time to go to bed.
I think Boomer feels the same way about Busby as I do about him. We were ok before they were around, but you slowly get used to them and miss them when they're not around.

The reason I agreed to get another dog was so that I could name it. Busby is named after Sir Matt Busby, one of the greatest football (soccer) managers of all time. Sir Matt was manager of Manchester United between 1946-1969 (and again briefly in 1970-71).
He formed a very talented team made up of young men who were the envy of the footballing world. They were dubbed 'the Busby Babes' and were destined for greatness.
Sadly, the team suffered tragedy before it was able to realise it's potential. On February 6th 1958 the plane they were travelling on from Belgrade back to Manchester crashed on take off after stopping in Munich to refuel.

Seven Manchester United players were killed in the crash, an eighth later died in hospital. A total of 23 people died. Sir Matt Busby was hospitalised with injuries and spent two months in hospital, twice being administered the last rites.
He returned to Manchester United to rebuild his team and in 1968 they became the first English side to win the European Cup. A trophy they won for the the third time in 2008 (the other came in the historic treble year of 1999). He was later knighted by the Queen.
Busby (the dog) was born on January 20th 2008. Sir Matt Busby died January 20th 1994.
2008 was the 50th anniversary of the Munich air disaster. It was also the year I got married.
There's a certain symmetry there, or maybe I'm just an old romantic who likes to link what happens in real life to the great Manchester United but either way, 2008 was a great year!

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